"Essentials for Pianist Improvisers" is a free download,

Usually, most young serious students have few ‘coins’ to spare and I think ‘Essentials’ should be available to them; however, I will appreciate donations from those who can afford to contribute. The preparation of this book, representing well over forty-five years of work, should substantiate my request, above, plus the fact that some of these exercises are ‘first-ever’ and can not be found elsewhere. I feel that information, pertaining to Art, should be shared globally and I’ll add that all of the Arts should be supported for the purpose of keeping Art untainted from compromise. It is my sincere hope that these exercises will aid in developing your piano technique so that eventually you may be accepted by an excellent teacher who develops your aesthetic qualities, thus enabling you to play artistically.

If you wish to download and print "Essentials" in book-form, I recommend using 120 gram paper to avoid print showing from the reversed side of the pages; if you prefer spiral-binding, I suggest 160 gram for front and back covers. Another more practical possibility is a loose-leaf binder (note-book) so that you can remove and replace single pages while practicing.

All rights are reserved by the author and no part of the contents within this book can be reproduced for commercial purposes of any kind without violating the author’s rights. If you have further questions, please contact here.

Walter Norris
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W. A. Mozart transcription with improvisation